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A new kind of video storytelling

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When a product is all about the visual, your brand needs to be on point when it comes to its visual language and tone of voice. From cave drawings to mobile videos, human nature’s primal instinct has always been to share life experiences through visual storytelling. With this ideas at its core Moving Brands has created an identity that exemplify jovially, life’s common occurrences and occasions in a very loud marketplace.

To-do lists get a facelift


Designers hate being ruled by the clock, but have to admit that more often than not it’s something that actually becomes useful in tracking projects. Reinvention is becoming an inevitable part of organisations competing in the digital product world but it takes some guts to totally rip-up the past and start again from scratch. For The People have done just that together with project management software Streamtime, making the product once again fresh and relative to the industry it […]

Bag of personality for startup Mucho


Pun-laden tone of voice, vibrant colours and a bunch of playful, dynamic logos is not instantly a great combination, but thankfully in the right hands it packs enough personality without one element over powering the other. Step in the guys from For The People and their experience in knowing when you have just the right combination. The strong and distinctive tone of voice really raises this startup web and mobile platform from just another online […]

Liam Brazier {Essex}


Making the complex beautiful. It’s more or less as simple as that. Child of the eighties Liam Brazier‘s idiosyncratic style of geometric masterpieces encapsulate the accent of his generation; ie Star Wars, Marvel and cool shit. Surprisingly, when Brazier first started dabbling in the geometry ten years ago it developed out of method; obsessively scalping out tiny triangles of different colored paper and spray-mounting them onto board – a painfully lengthy process, no doubt. These […]