YCN Studio team up with Childline


ChildLine, the UK’s free, confidential helpline and online service dedicated to children and young people, have commissioned YCN Studio to write and produce an animation to sit within the ChildLine website, offering support to young victims of sexual abuse in search of help.

Many young people who try to find a way to talk about their problems describe the immense difficulty involved in “finding the words”. It was decided to focus on this insight by staging a conversation between a young person and a ChildLine counsellor, expressed typographically through animation.

The script explored the nature of these sensitive calls and examining the dynamic between the two roles, the common questions, concerns and reassurances. YCN opted not to show either character physically, relying on other devices to build empathy with the young character.

To execute the animation YCN commissioned Buck in Los Angeles through Friend in London to sensitively cell-animate the piece by hand, with delicate sound design produced by Ant Food. The animators did an incredible job of handling the dynamics of the piece and bringing it to life in a way that wouldn’t feel uncomfortable for the viewer.

Superb job. See more of YCN Studio’s work.

ChildLine: First Step from Buck on Vimeo.

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