Someone welcomes Uni students with radical look


My memories of heading off to University are ones of survival, of a cold, damp shared house with leaking taps and windows painted shut. Those days are truly gone and with this new era comes a rebrand that speaks of sophistication through the eyes of young professional reflecting their lifestyle and attitudes.

Spearheading this fresh approach is UK based company Hello Student, who design, build and manage homes for students. Their mission is to make sure students feel totally, one million percent safe, give them the chance to make new friends and to explore their city.

The seriously clever folk behind this bold rebrand are Someone, an agency who understand what resonates with people and are prepared to strong statements to achieve results.

The entire brand world has been carefully considered, with photography by Simon Warren, and copywriting by Reed Words. Someone writes “the visual brand identity needed to veer away from the brash colours and geometric ‘hip’ branding that plagues the sector”. This is an adult brand, for students intent on a more mature approach to learning.

The approach is really refreshing, from saturation in the photography to the angled serif typeface used for the word mark and above all challenges the need to reproduce material ‘on trend’ just to appeal to a young market.



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