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Chris Searl {Australia}


Chris Searl is a very talented man. Not only is he a founding partner, co-Editor and Photographer for one of Australia’s leading cultural art / design magazines Monster Children, he happens to be a mighty fine director. Chris’ work is definable worth checking out as well as his short films. Also as a side note take a look at Matthew Woodward who designed the site.    

Niall McDiarmid {London}


Crossing Paths is a project by Niall McDiarmid, interest is focussed on everyday people. He takes beautiful portraits of people he finds, documenting the visually interesting as he comes accross in towns up and down the UK right there, seemingly as he found them. Their portraits are stunningly shot, the compositions are engrossing and, often, their outfits, um, off beat… Tw. @NiallMcDiarmid