Month: April 2012

Mercy {Liverpool}

Awesome agencies

How to summise Liverpool’s Mercy? Getting to know them a little makes it clear they’re not cut from a cloth of norm. Not your average run of the mill graphic show ponies, these chaps and chapettes have more than a trick or two in their stable immersing themselves in a broad world or workshops, performance, arts events, exhibition and, intriguingly, a venture where they set up their interns last year (but that’s a story for another […]

Swearwords {Melbourne}

Awesome agencies / LWC

They have a blog dedicated to bikes, they brand their own pencils, they review tasty restaurants and new beers, they blog about typography and create their own software AND they design beautifully effective web, print and packaging… phew… take a breath will you. Swearwords are based over in Melbourne and recently did me the honour of filling my inbox with juicy new design work hot off their press. If the above isn’t enough to shower […]

Creative Inc {Dublin}

Awesome agencies

If your work is considered good enough to be published in Angus Hyland and Steven Bateman’s Symbol book, clearly, you’re doing something right. If you’ve got three marks sitting pretty in that bad boy then it’s probably safe to give yourself a nice pat on the back. Dublin’s Creative Inc are in such a covetous position, and with a menagerie of design treats on view in their portfolio, they live by the mantra “great design is […]

Cheltenham Design Festival 2012


Get ’em while they’re hot… tickets for the 2012 Cheltenham Design Festival are out now and selling like hot potatoes. Taking place over three days in April 2012 (20th–22nd), the festival will showcase some of the most innovative and creative thinkers operating on a global level today, providing a unique opportunity to engage with innovators from the world’s creative community who influence our lives through original thought… STEFAN SAGMEISTER: AN AUDIENCE WITH…: 21 April, 11.45am […]