Month: April 2012

Studio MPLS {Minneapolis}

Awesome agencies

Hot diggity, these boys have a treasure trove of treats. Masters of the brand and packaging art, Studio MPLS put their fair craft delightfully; “to break through the noise, design must be surprising, fearless, honest and beautiful. By meticulously exploring, imagining, questioning and editing, we are able to create an artful palette of meaningful tools that invite curiosity and action.” Tw. @studiompls

Bird {Melbourne}

Awesome agencies / LWC

Taking flight onto @long_whitecloud‘s weekly Cloud 9 this week is Melbourne studio Bird, led by Luke Carson. Their passion for design is the fuel for their fire, something which audibly shines through in their work. They also curate a candy-filled blog, regularly serving up a healthy dose of visual treats, ch-ch-check it. Tw. @designbybird / Tumblr:

Profiles – Martin Maher {Zebra}


Following on from our chat with Creative Partner of The Allotment, Michael Smith, we’re thrilled to profile Martin Maher, the co-founder and Creative Director of Zebra, a brand communications agency with offices in Singapore and Perth, Australia. Martin studied design at Salisbury College of Art before moving to London where he worked at several agencies in the capital before making the move to Asia in 2000. He was Creative Director at The Brand Union in Singapore where […]

I heart NY {repeat 32 times to fade}


32 Reasons We Love New York, is a collection of remarkable places and experiences in New York City, curated by graphic designers and staff of Two Twelve. The app is aimed at both seasoned New Yorkers and visitors from out of town alike keen to learn a few of insider secrets gleaned from working in the big apple for more than three decades. They say; “Designing, writing and building this gave us the opportunity to […]

The International Office {Wellington}

Awesome agencies / LWC

The International Office are not the global high flyers their name may suggest, they are in fact a dynamic duo hailing from Wellington, New Zealand. Yep, that’s right just two blokes in an office with the occasional collaborating visitor if the fancy takes them – and the outcome is sublime. They’re obsessed with grids, typography and all things well made; three things that Designers Journal also have a fondness for. With this in mind let […]

Joshua Hibbert {London}


Young London based graphic and sound designer, Joshua Hibbert plies his trade mainly in illustration, type and fashion photography. Gaining his degree at London College of Communication only last year, Joshua specialises in interactive design, developing projects such as emotive furnitures and philosophical soundscapes. Says Hibbert; “My work embraces many influences but can be described as controlled pyschedelia crossed with conceptual minimalism, i love to use a whole complex of technologies mainly digital, but i […]

Caliber {Dallas, Tx}

Awesome agencies

Dallas, Texas. Home of triumphant dishes of delight served up by Caliber. “We at Caliber believe hard work combined with smart, inspired thinking leads to great things. Unique things. The very things a consumer audience thirsts after and seeks out, because of the fact it’s different or new or unique.” Glorious… delve into their folio and find their work in the beer industry particularly consistently inspired.

Hunt Studio {Melbourne}

Awesome agencies / LWC

One of my favourite design publications at the moment (obviously discounting the beauties I write for) has to be Process Journal. Beautiful crafting goes hand in hand with engaging content, wandering happily down the track of design critique. The credit for this piece of greatness goes to Hunt Studio based over in Melbourne. In addition to their work on the journal they also find the time to craft considered pieces of bespoke design across a […]