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Parallax goes Jotto


Infographics and Japanese rice wine don’t often go hand in hand, in fact this may be a virgin pairing – courtesy of Parallax Design over in Adelaide. After being knocked sideways by their wonderous branding work (featured here earlier in the year) we were tickled pink when this little gem landed in our lap. Enter Joto, Sake for the contemporary North American market. Joto is one of those lovely category shakers we all crave as designers […]

Parallax {Adelaide}

Awesome agencies / LWC

This week Cloud 9 has journeyed to an occasionally overlooked corner of Oz, Adelaide. And thank god we did because we have a new design crush, hello Parallex, I think you might be ‘the one’! As a designer myself it is creative ideas that drive me so when I stumbled across the work of Parallax I knew I’d unearthed a gem. Beautifully executed, intelligent yet relevant ideas based design. Now that’s what I’m talking about! […]