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Diet Coke, now with added logo


We’ve all been there; head firmly slapped into hands as the client phones through “yeh, I really like what you’ve done here but uh, can you make the logo bigger”. Against your better judgement, you duly oblige. “Great yeh, um, bit bigger again…” and it goes on, until the only thing to satisfy them is seeing what was once a beautifully balanced layout dominated by their identity. Well, it may be of some comfort to […]

Wood Type Revival


Get your font junkie self over to newly-launched Wood Type Revival (site designed by the awesome Bearded), purveyors of rare historic wood type, lovingly digitising them for the modern designer. There are some real corkers in there and we’ll be checking back to their blog in earnest anticipation of seeing great examples in action, particularly now it’s been announced the foundry is available on Typekit. (Roycroft is a personal favourite, incase you’re asking). Tw. @woodtyperevival […]

Design Week no more


A mainstay of our Thursday lunchtimes for almost as long as we’ve been holding a pencil, we were sorry to hear this week  the end is nigh for print editions of Design Week after 25 years. The publication will instead focus its online presence. For us, its indicative of the times and was perhaps somewhat an inevitable move. It’s a real shame though, there’s nothing like flicking through the pages over a lunchtime and sharing […]

8000 is the new 2012


The 2012 Olympic torch prototype has been unveiled by Seb Coe, designed by acclaimed designers Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby. The symbolic design has 8,000 perforated holes, each representing one of the 8000 torch bearers. It weighs 800g and stands at 800mm tall. The triangular shape also has connotations with the three Olympic values; respect / excellence / friendship. {Images ©Getty Images / London 2010 Olympics}

Wembley 2011 Final Logo


Radient, based in Richmond just outside of London, have designed the logo for this year’s UEFA Champions League Final to be held at Wembley. The illustration is nice, and in keeping with previous Champions League Final identities (below), though I have to say I’m not a massive fan of the typography. It seems to me they missed a trick here to produce something stunning and, to me, the type seems a bit slap-dash.

Little Chef, Big rebrand


VentureThree have done a stunning job at rebranding UK road-side eatery Little Chef. Firmly part of Britain’s roadsides since the late 50’s Little Chef recently had it’s tired old brand a modern facelift by employing services of tele ‘chef-scientist’ Heston Blumenthal to revamp their public gastro image, the new identity follows hot off the heels. The work is vivid, fun, engaging and combines bold slab type with pop colours that are not only modern but […]

UK Refugee Week


BCMH have created an campaign for UK Refugee Week, an annual festival aiming to promote but mostly celebrate the positive contributions of refugees to the UK since 1951. The campaign is simply lovely. It is an original delightfully simple awareness campaign for a topic that few of us areaware of but, as the campaign highlights, deserve to recognise.  

New doodle for Elmwood


2011 Elmwood, self-proclaimed, ’The World’s most effective brand design consultancy’ have updated their brand identity. Their identity has been given a new lease of life by Typographer Rob Clarke and renowned designer/illustrator Peter Horridge. Check out this film produced by weareseventeen for the brand launch.   Previous logo