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Make {Copenhagen}

Awesome agencies

Long time lovers may remember a post from back in May 2012, when we featured NZ’s finest on tour designer Mike Collinge, taking it to the masses ~ touring his expertise around Europe. Well, it looks like he’s found a place to hang his hat, in the shape of Copenhagen design studio Make, who themselves produce top drawer treats, as evidenced by their spanking new site… “The world is our playground and we are passionate […]

NR2154 {Copenhagen / New York}

Awesome agencies

Split either side of the Atlantic, NR2154 have a solid background in publishing but by no means leaves them short in the world of design. With beautifully manipulated typefaces, deeply thought out solutions and most delicate of sophisticated touches, NR2154 seem to have a knack of a creating cool, crisp work which stands out by its elegance.