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Simplicity is luxury – Moving Brands flies high


It seems to be a bit of a thing of late to rebrand an airlines. Over the past few months we’ve seen Someone help launch South African airline FastJet and American Airlines go through a mass overall courtesy of Futurebrand. Nestled amongst all that is a brand launch for an affordable new face in the private jet travel planning on changing the game when it comes to the epitome of luxury travel… introducing Blackjet. Built […]

Moving Brands mark a new era in Story Telling


With the never ending debates over whether ‘print is dead’ you could argue that with this latest project from Moving Brands that the final nail has been hammered into the coffin. Madefire is a ‘Motion Book’ recently launched for tablet devices that takes the world of Graphic Novels and turns it on its head. Founded by and featuring some of the work of Ben Wolstenholme (founder of Moving Brands), Liam Sharp and Eugene Walden this ‘motion […]

I heart NY {repeat 32 times to fade}


32 Reasons We Love New York, is a collection of remarkable places and experiences in New York City, curated by graphic designers and staff of Two Twelve. The app is aimed at both seasoned New Yorkers and visitors from out of town alike keen to learn a few of insider secrets gleaned from working in the big apple for more than three decades. They say; “Designing, writing and building this gave us the opportunity to […]