Pop goes SomeOne


Ok ok, it’s pretty well known that here at DJ we’ve been seduced by the somewhat wicked touch of the dastardly designers at SomeOne. It’s for many reasons; we love their thinking and their work, on the whole, and their approach is a little bit different, which we appreciate. So they slapped a smile all over our chops with this new branding for WorldPay, “the UK’s top payments provider” and a “bit of a global giant”.

A new service, WorldPay Zinc, is a revolutionary one, putting credit card payments in the hands of small businesses… “just launching this week a new keypad device to enable small businesses (like say a visiting hairdresser, or gardener, or plumber) to take card payments. Anywhere there is a phone signal.”

SomeOne created the name and the visual brand identity which centres around representing the high speed digital payments – represented by high speed photography capturing the moment when two elements meet (shot by Simon Warren – using airborne paint pigment).

Read all about it here.

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