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Liverpool students shoot for the Ballon D’raw


“Illustration and Design students need to be able to maintain a balance between having something of their own to say and also being able to talk to an existing audience; the relationship between education and commercial practice” Mike O’Shaughnessy, Senior Lecturer, Liverpool School of Art & Design. Ballon D’raw is a collaborative project between football magazine SPIEL and Liverpool School of Art & Design, which took the winners of the Ballon d’Or as a start point of an examination of the links between […]

Now even more Well Made


Regular friends of DJ may be familiar with Liverpool’s Mercy, one of our favourite agencies whose work we shone a light on back in April. Well, times they are a’changing over at Mercy Heights – in fact, after a decade of delivering a diverse body of work, the chaps are taking the bold leap of dividing in to two and have announced the arrival of Well Made Studio, this Yuletide. Cue trumpets. Director and co-founder Doug Kerr says “When […]