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No Sügar Stüdio {Swansea}

Outstanding individuals

I think it’s best to start any post with a bit of truth. If even if the truth is, well, somewhat awkward… Martin Lee Grügel is an Everton fan. There; I said it. Make your peace with that now. But, and despite the fact that my own allegiances lie on the rouge side of Stanley Park we couldn’t begrudge him his rightfully earned place on the Journal. I’ve long been a fan of Martin’s work […]

Because Studio {Preston}

Outstanding individuals

Of the reams of work and urls we search through to present only the very best work on Designers Journal, one studio in particular stands amongst crowd as being a front runner as our favourite. Now don’t get me wrong, we’ve got many favourites – from Anagrama to Andy Robert Davies – but none whose work makes us smile quite to the same degree as Because Studio. They work predominantly with clients from the creative […]