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No Sugar hard at work


When Swansea based graphic designer Martin Grugel, of No Sugar Studio fame, wanted to expand his portfolio, he naturally returned to his love of portraiture and painting. Now, after six hard months, Martin has launched the product of his talents in the form of an online print shop called Hard Artwork. Among the portraits available from Hard Artwork are sporting heroes such as Bradley Wiggins, pop icons including Mick Jagger and Michael Jackson and even contemporary political figures like Barrack Obama. Martin says, “I have […]

No Sügar Stüdio {Swansea}

Outstanding individuals

I think it’s best to start any post with a bit of truth. If even if the truth is, well, somewhat awkward… Martin Lee Grügel is an Everton fan. There; I said it. Make your peace with that now. But, and despite the fact that my own allegiances lie on the rouge side of Stanley Park we couldn’t begrudge him his rightfully earned place on the Journal. I’ve long been a fan of Martin’s work […]