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Heroes – Ben Bos


This week’s Masters Monday, Zebra’s Martin Maher talks Ben Bos… There is one book in my collection that I always go back to for reference. It’s not a huge, casebound tome filled with hundreds of pages of clever, poetic verse and tons of pretty pictures. It’s a smallish, humble, paperback book about a Dutch designer who’s work still looks as fresh, vibrant and downright stunning today as it did when it was first created back […]

AntiSpec & sons of pitches


#AntiSpec is a campaign launched earlier this summer that seeks to out those who put out calls for free logos. They had a high profile casualty in the maiden campaign when Aol owned Huffington Post sought to ‘invite’ submissions for a new divisional identity “in exchange for exposure”. Hmm. We wholeheartedly support the Antispec cause, but this led us ponder a wider picture, namely to pitch or not to pitch… In times of economic downturn […]

Junior designers are not rock stars


It’s an age old adage that when a small agency hires new staff, it isn’t simply talent and portfolios that are being gauged during the recruitment process. It’s critical that the personality is one that slots in comfortably with the existing blend of characters in the studio. This is only exagerated when looking to hire a young designer or graduate as they will invariably need the most guidance and the most time dedicated to them […]