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Mercy {Liverpool}

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How to summise Liverpool’s Mercy? Getting to know them a little makes it clear they’re not cut from a cloth of norm. Not your average run of the mill graphic show ponies, these chaps and chapettes have more than a trick or two in their stable immersing themselves in a broad world or workshops, performance, arts events, exhibition and, intriguingly, a venture where they set up their interns last year (but that’s a story for another […]

Stephen McCarthy {Dublin / London}

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Saturday’s St Patrick’s knees up made us take a good long hard look at ourselves ~ there was a distinct lack of presence from the Emerald Isle on our dear Journal. Enter Dubliner (though London-based) Stephen McCarthy and his delicious brand of goodies. And goodies they are indeed from the über talented chap. Just five years out of university and currently earning his crust working for Imagination, of his work McCarthy says he; “employs a reductive […]

Luke Woodhouse {UK-Sydney bound}

Outstanding individuals

You know someones portfolio is worth looking at when they cite applied branding to jumbo jets and spaceships as part of their skill set. Currently making his way out of the depths of the English Winter, Luke Woodhouse has (in his own words) ‘decided to try something new, in a new city, new country, and new Hemisphere.’ Something that I love to go on about is simplicity. Simplicity in an idea. Simplicity in execution. Luke […]

Campbell Hay {London}

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Campbell Hay create branding, design and art direction; otherwise known as immersive websites, exciting identities, stunning print and elegant packaging. So yes, one of the big boys about London town, however below their ice cool exterior there is a real sense of intrigue. Maybe it’s their use of pink background on their website or maybe it’s the minimalist way they display their work without even a hint as to who where are. Is it just […]

MaricorMaricar {Sydney / London}

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Makers of Things Assorted. Animation, embroidery, design & illustration. And sometimes all at the same time. Simple… right? To be honest it looks like these twins, Maricor and Maricar Manalo are just having crazy amounts of fun simply making awesome stuff! A twin-sized studio, MaricorMaricar create hand crafted illustrations using embroidery and paper cut outs. However, it’s their work with embroidery that caught my eye. The use of such vibrant colours and patterns creating beautiful typography […]

Cartlidge Levene {London}

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Founded in 1987, London’s acclaimed Cartlidge Levene are renowned for their intelligent, creative and beautifully crafted solutions. A portfolio built over twenty five years includes award-winning work for a tremendous range of clients including Dyson, Unilever, Nokia, HP Labs, RIBA, Phaidon, Guardian, Tate, Crafts Council and the V&A. Sumptuous print and identity work there maybe, but it’s perhaps their wayfinding and environmental work that has defined their reputation, having worked extensively with museums, galleries, schools, arenas […]

Olly Moss {London}


The rather awesome work of Olly Moss. You may recognise it from work with clients like Sony, Lucasfilm, Nike, Apple, Paramount, Penguin Books, Urban Outfitters, Levis, New York Times, Time Magazine. Tw. @ollymoss  

Watson & Co. {New York}

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Excelling in a primarily fashion based sphere, Waston & Co., describe themselves as a one stop creative shop “designing brands from the ground up, helping companies present themselves better.” It’s an understated philosophy that, combined with subtleties through type, form, imagery and splashes of colour, conspires to devise the sophisticated and the sublime. Tw. Waston_and_Co