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Profiles – Jonathan Ford {Pearlfisher}


Once upon a time packaging design was the poor cousin of print design. It was at the centre of the consumer world, it certainly wasn’t as ‘cool’ and you rarely got to recommend foil deboss! Fast forward to 2012 and the discipline is right up there with the best of them thanks to some incredible work throughout the industry over the last few of decades. One such company that has been instrumental in this change is Pearlfisher. With the […]

So that was 2012, and it smelt pretty good…


Merry Christmas folks, it’s been quite a year. Definite highlights here have been all the people we’ve spoken to and gotten to know along the road; from our very first interview way back in February with the Allotment’s Michael Smith, to our most recent one a few weeks back with Nick Finney and everyone in between; Martin Maher, Scott Thomas, Matthew Haynes, Gemma O’Brien, Thomas Hunt, and the great John Lloyd; and of course the […]

Profiles – John Lloyd


There are few bona fide heroes in this world. Ones that genuinely inspire and continue to do so and who’s experience and accomplishments give them an unquestionable sovereignty of voice within their realm. And it’s not just that – they belong to a unique club characterised as the original trail blazers, the ones who set the precedent and the ones who shaped the industry – and the landscape – by playing their part in defining it. One such person […]

Heroes – Sara De Bondt


Following our previous Heroes feature on Henrik Kubel, this week we’re showcasing another young designer with a similar love of original, contemporary typographic-based design; Belgian graphic designer, publisher, conference organiser and teacher Sara De Bondt. I have to admit I only actually discovered Sara’s work last year and was playing catch-up for a while. Since then though I’ve become a big fan of her approach and the colourful, direct style of her work, writes Martin […]

Profiles – Scott Thomas {Simple.Honest.Work}


With a background in architecture, a bit of magic from ‘Click Through’ the pink unicorn along the way, and a focus for getting back to the hand and keeping things simple, Scott Thomas is a man architecting change. As the Design Director for Obama’s 2008 campaign, Scott, ‘Simple Scott,’ has a philosophy of simplification which has been illustrated in more recent years with the Noun Project. We’re pleased as punch Scott managed to spare a […]

Heroes – Mary Lewis


When it comes to modern brand packaging there is one person that has been there since the start. She is undoubtedly the queen of packaging design and the awards and accolades that her company have received speak volumes about the quality and originality of their work. From champagnes to coffee, marmalades to mustards, perfumes to preserves, she’s done it all and all the while exuding a class and refined Englishness that puts the royal family […]

Heroes – Lance Wyman


Imagine if your portfolio contained branding for an Olympics Games, maps and graphics for an entire metro system – in fact make that two metro systems – as well as signage, wayfinding and branding for a zoo. Hang on, make that two zoos! In the case of American designer Lance Wyman that’s just the tip of the iceberg in what has been a lifetime of awe-inspiring work. The fact that Lance Wyman isn’t as well […]

Heroes – Anton Stankowski


As designers we all have our favourite, writes Martin Maher, classic pieces of work whether created by more well known designers or by someone more obscure. One of my all-time favourites, that really has stood the test of time is the Deutsche Bank identity. Designed by German designer Anton Stankowski, it still looks as striking and timeless now as it did when it first appeared back in 1974. Anton Stankowski was born in 1906, in […]