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Cornwell {Melbourne}

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Cornwell (not to be confused with Cornwall – home of the British Cornish Pasty) have a very simple recipe for creativity, one which we like the sound of. In their own words: ‘We foster a culture of creativity. This creates possibilities. This attracts talented people. Their talents flourish. The clients get exceptional work’. If these are the results then we reckon their philosophy is a pretty solid one – simples! Tw. @Cornwell  /  

We Love Inc {Auckland}

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We heart, We Love Inc… and we think you probably will too. Not only have they set up their offices in my two favourite cities in the world, London and Auckland but they are producing interesting and engaging work through great collaborations. Their team of 7 includes an illustrator, digital designer, spatial designer and research specialist, proving they can turn their hands to just about anything. A great example of a flexible and collaborative approach […]

Sam Pemberton {Sydney}

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Sam Pemberton has a truly impressive portfolio of projects under his belt, that’s for sure. From branding an entire city to the redesign of the iconic woolmark, not to mention involvement in the AGDA including recently designing their collateral for them. Wow, move over Superman… there is a new hero in town. Currently working out of Sydney, Sam’s portfolio has recently made its awaited debut onto the world wide web; here is a tantalising tit […]

Bird {Melbourne}

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Taking flight onto @long_whitecloud‘s weekly Cloud 9 this week is Melbourne studio Bird, led by Luke Carson. Their passion for design is the fuel for their fire, something which audibly shines through in their work. They also curate a candy-filled blog, regularly serving up a healthy dose of visual treats, ch-ch-check it. Tw. @designbybird / Tumblr:

Burton Kramer Film trailer


“I needed only a drawing board, a t-square, some triangles, pencils, a sharpener, a desk lamp and a chair.” —Burton Kramer For your viewing pleasure, this spring will see the the release of an insight into design great Burton Kramer, produced by Vancouver based designer Greg Durrell. Born in 1932 in New York, Kramer began working in the late ’50s after graduating from Yale University. Aside from his prominently featured work at Expo 67, he […]

Believe in Map Making

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Exeter agency Believe in have completed work on book project You are the Map Maker; an inspirational and creative resource written by Australian author Bernadette Jiwa featuring insights from 13 international, creative and resourceful entrepreneurs. The book and YATMM project is a creative collaboration with Jiwa with design & art direction provided by Believe in using a structured grid and graphic system based around the key contributors from the book. Those contributors notably include David […]

New Saul Bass book released

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Laurence King (publishers of many essential titles including Pentagram’s 400 Marks and, most recently Symbol) have released a long overdue and eagerly awaited title ‘Saul Bass: A Life in Film & Design‘. Over 400 pages of goodness, the book celebrates one of the greatest and renowned designers of the 20th Century. Written by design historian Pat Kirkham, who knew Bass personally, and interestingly designed by his daughter, Jennifer Bass (also co-founded Treehouse Design Partnership in […]

Identify… Chermayeff and Geismar


NBC, Chase Bank, Mobil Oil, PBS, Rockefeller Centre, MoMA, Time Warner Cable, Xerox, Amani Exchange, PanAm, Nat Geographic, HarperCollins. Chermayeff & Geismar’s work has touched the lives of millions around the world, both timeless and iconic and “sets the standard for what a successful trademark is”. Opening up their studio for the first time in over fifty years, Identify: Basic Principles of Identity Design in the Iconic Trademarks of Chermayeff & Geismar celebrates the broad […]