Get Lucky in style


Regular viewers of the ol’ D to tha J will already be aware of South African graphic swashbuckler Luke Ritchie. You may then recall his enterprise with @simonalander, LuckyFella Clothing Co., which was in the pipeline. True to his word, hey presto – he’s only gone and launched it!

Says Ritchie; “LuckyFella Clothing Co was born out of a desire for clean and custom type-centric clothing. As a graphic designer and typographer, I wanted to design beautifully resolved pieces, but also wanted an outlet for the things I create, crafting superduper premium, limited edition T-Shirts (at least just for now).”

With focus on sharp, elegant typography mixed with sophisticated garments, the T’s are produced in limited runs of just 160 and will probably never be produced again. When asked to encapsulate LFCCo’s ethos, Ritchie responded vintage, 1950’s, classic plain white T with a twist – custom typography. Nicely put, nicely done. Check them out for yourselves here.

Tw. @luckyfella_co