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Exeter agency Believe in have completed work on book project You are the Map Maker; an inspirational and creative resource written by Australian author Bernadette Jiwa featuring insights from 13 international, creative and resourceful entrepreneurs.

The book and YATMM project is a creative collaboration with Jiwa with design & art direction provided by Believe in using a structured grid and graphic system based around the key contributors from the book. Those contributors notably include David Airey, Jessica Hische, Mark Bloom and Reese Spykerman. What’s unique about these people – whether they are designers, entrepreneurs, leaders of movements or strategists – is that they started out with nothing but their talent and determination.

Say Believe in: “Each contributor is represented by a cross–hair within a circle, symbolising their place within the book’s own map system. These marks form part of the book’s system and become the navigational device throughout, highlighting the sections and featured contributors. They also act as a playful graphical element throughout, evolving and sympathetic from page to page, dictating and changing the pace of the book.”

Read more about the project, download (free) or purchase in either hardback (£50) or softback (£37.50) by clicking here.

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