Violaine & Jeremy bring artistry to La Plage

Branding / Illustrators

Paris-based illustration and graphic arts studio, Violaine & Jeremy, known for their exquisite hand-drawn illustrations and independent type foundry, have unveiled their latest project: the brand identity for La Plage at the iconic Hotel Martinez.

Nestled within the legendary Croisette palace, Hotel Martinez is synonymous with luxury and elegance, making it a fitting canvas for Violaine & Jeremy’s artistic prowess.

Violaine & Jeremy’s brand identity design encapsulates this blend of historic charm and modern sophistication, making La Plage not just a destination, but an immersive experience. The hand-drawn elements and thoughtful artistic direction by Violaine & Jeremy ensure that every aspect of La Plage’s identity resonates with the timeless elegance and cinematic grandeur that Hotel Martinez is renowned for.

The studio approached the menu design with a cinematic flair, structuring it like a movie poster with dishes listed as the cast, a nod to the hotel’s deep connection with the Cannes Film Festival. This clever design element not only enhances the visual appeal but also ties in with the illustrious history of Hotel Martinez as a hub for film industry professionals during the festival. The illustrations, depicting the iconic Boulevard de la Croisette, and the various hand-drawn secondary logos in the style of 7th art production logos, further enrich the visual narrative, celebrating the hotel’s artistic and cultural heritage.

Violaine & Jeremy’s work on this project encompassed artistic direction, logotypes, menu designs, and hand-drawn illustrations and lettering, all meticulously crafted to embody the spirit of the locale.

Violaine & Jeremy