Turning a chapter


Edit, a Manchester-based branding studio, has reimagined the identity of Hay Festival Global, a leading cultural charity, with a dynamic visual overhaul that honours its literary heritage and global impact.

Founded in 1987 in Hay-on-Wye, Wales, the festival’s new logo, set at a 23.5-degree angle mirroring the Earth’s axis, symbolises its worldwide reach. This rotating emblem embodies the organisation’s diverse array of initiatives, from festivals and forums to digital platforms and educational programs, uniting them under a cohesive brand identity..

Underpinning the brand is the ethos of “a world of different,” inviting individuals into a space of diverse stories, ideas, and possibilities. Edit’s open-book logo design not only represents the festival’s literary core but also extends to embrace art, science, politics, music, and comedy.

Additionally, a customisable “world of colour” palette allows individual festival locations to maintain their unique cultural identities while remaining connected to the overarching Hay Festival Global brand.

Through strategic graphic assets and a unified design language, Edit has successfully revitalised Hay Festival’s image, solidifying its position as a catalyst for global dialogue and cultural exchange.