A bold step towards education for all


In a world where 80% of low-income working adults aspire to attend school but are hindered by financial constraints, Guild is making a transformative impact by collaborating with employers to offer tuition-free education, skilling, and career mobility opportunities for their workforce.

New York based COLLINS revamp for Guild is more than a brand identity, it’s a bold declaration of its purpose and potential.

The new visual identity introduces several dynamic elements that cohesively convey themes of connection and growth. Squiggly, zig-zag shapes crafted from thin black lines symbolize the journey and expansion of knowledge, adding depth and movement to both static and animated applications.

Another striking visual device is the use of portraits with emanating colors and repeated images, emphasizing the human element at the core of Guild’s mission. The sophisticated use of typography, particularly with Dinamo’s Arizona Flare, paired with a muted yet vibrant color palette, brings the entire identity together with a polished and contemporary feel.

By positioning itself as an “education market maker,” Guild is not only enhancing its own narrative but also paving the way for significant socio-economic change. This refreshed identity encapsulates the essence of Guild’s mission: to provide educational opportunities and foster career mobility for those who need it most.

As Guild continues to grow and evolve, this new brand identity will undoubtedly serve as a powerful tool in driving forward its vision of education for all.