Minty-fresh oral care

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With a shared vision to transform dental care, Kati Forner’s design perfectly captures the boldness and innovation of Wally’s mission.

The strategic positioning as “A Better Way to a Brighter Smile” and the irreverent tagline “Be a Smart Mouth” convey a refreshing and playful approach.

Visually, Kati Forner’s design is captivating, with a bright and vibrant visual identity. The logomark’s clever incorporation of a smile and the fresh colour palette, inspired by oral care tools, add a delightful touch. The design ecosystem as a whole beautifully expresses the bold ethos and innovative vision of Wally.

Kati Forner’s exceptional work in bringing Wally’s vision to life through design deserves high praise. The collaboration showcases the power of creativity in revolutionizing dental care.

The result is a visually stunning visual identity that perfectly aligns with Wally’s mission and leaves a lasting impression. This partnership between talented designers and bold ideas sets a new standard for dental care, capturing Wally’s commitment to providing a smarter, more enjoyable dental care experience.