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The Snowy Valleys is a land beyond time, where life moves to a slower, more considered pace. For The People have built a brand for this new region around this idea of seasonality and time, where craft and detail can only be acheived with ample time.

A newly-formed municipality in New South Wales (Australia), The Snowy Valleys lies between the Snowy Mountains, and the rugged, iconic Australian outback. Quintessentially Australian, the region comprises 19 proudly independent country towns and is home to a diverse landscape centred primarily on farming, wine production and outdoor pursuits.

For The People’s challenge was to develop a brand for the region that would unify the towns under the Snowy Valleys name, build local pride, showcase what the region has to offer, and increase visitation.

Imagery elevates out-of-license heritage illustrations that favour attention to detail and craft and a typeface that draws inspiration from historical regional signage, combined with the stencilling found on local produce crates.

The brand voice focuses on pacing, encouraging viewers to read with a cadence that purposely jars readers out of their natural rhythms, urging them to dwell on the calming details.