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Tardis {Wellington}

Awesome agencies / LWC

Tardis are all about human connections, unfortunately not through a time bending telephone box with a flying doctor but still equally intriguing. While we are bombarded on a daily and constant basis with brand communication and messaging, Tardis attempt to cut through the clutter by helping brands make an emotional connection to their consumers. They tap into the deepest of human needs, and lets face it ‘Hot Sauce’ is one of those human needs, creating visually arresting […]

The International Office {Wellington}

Awesome agencies / LWC

The International Office are not the global high flyers their name may suggest, they are in fact a dynamic duo hailing from Wellington, New Zealand. Yep, that’s right just two blokes in an office with the occasional collaborating visitor if the fancy takes them – and the outcome is sublime. They’re obsessed with grids, typography and all things well made; three things that Designers Journal also have a fondness for. With this in mind let […]