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Miguel Endara {Basle}


Not one to be outdone by any man (least not Chan Hwee Chong) it’s probably fair to say Miguel Endara is an incredibly patient man. The web developer by day, paper poker by night is so patient infact, he’ll invest over 200+ hours and drop his nib 3.2million (yes million) times to get his insane end results. Astounding. Hero from Miguel Endara on Vimeo.  

Demian Conrad {Lausanne}

Awesome agencies

Primarily working in the culture and leisure sectors, Swiss studio Demian Conrad‘s work is stripped back to its bare essentials, finding beauty through form and relationships between elements. That’s the best way I can encapsulate their sumptuous work. “With a research-led approach, we are interested in how technologies and processes relate to form and meaning. In 2010 we developed a printing process named WROP™ in which we could create a unique random printout using an […]