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Guilt free indulgence

Awesome agencies / Packaging

How do you solve the age old question, whilst eating ice cream we gain weight faster than we can put on the next episode on Netflix? Simple. You find an innovated factory and declare a war on sugar without compromising on the taste. Swedish agency Snask are an agency who likes to do things with a twist and this latest offering is just that. Striving to challenge the industry by doing things differently, Snask worship unconventional ideas, charming smiles and real […]

Åh {London}

Awesome agencies / Illustrators

London based but most certainly Scandinavian through and through, the pair of Johanna Lundberg and Elin Svensson have established an agency where thoughtful ideas meet functional, purely simple design executions. Åh aim to both reach out to your head and your heart and from their own beautiful website to the work featured on it, we think they’ve achieved that. They’re also some pretty handy illustrators too! Tw. @StudioAh