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Handsome Spiel


New work from Liverpool’s Well Made Studio, feast your eyes on Spiel Magazine; a quarterly, independent football magazine. SPIEL is about football, football and fashion, football and music, football and art. Sometimes SPIEL is about football as art but always it is always about offering a cultural perspective of the game. Originally launched 18 months ago and with a print run of over 5,000 distributed in London and the north of England, SPIEL has built a loyal […]

Shape {Manchester}

Awesome agencies

Based in Salford, Manchester, Shape‘s work spans across both digital and offline mediums. Their interesting portfolio includes web design and build, motion, video, photography, identity, catalogues, books, magazines, branding, posters as well as their own gorgeous stationery (pictured). With just 5 years of experience in the industry, these young and trendy lumberjack shirt wearing cats regale us with the visually refreshing and unexpected. Their web portfolio is fantastic, they are certainly one to watch. Tw. […]