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First impressions

Branding / News

In a world increasingly obsessed with image, the pressure on ones appearance has never been greater. First impressions seem to count for everything so it’s no wonder if someone suffers from skin problems their confidence will take a downward turn. D.Thomas is a London-based, leading UK a skincare brand specialising in problem skin. The work of the clinic can alleviate and cure many skin issues from acne to pigmentation. Non invasive, the treatments centre around a series […]

Best Awards {New Zealand}


It’s that time of year again down in the Southern Hemisphere, the best of the best are on parade courtesy in New Zealand’s national design awards, Best. With the usual suspects notching up a handful of nominations each it’s also great to see some new smaller agencies coming through, along with, for the first time, a number of recognised names from over the ditch. With the awards beginning to develop a following overseas it would […]

The two sides of NZSO {The Church}

Awesome agencies

With the deadline for the New Zealand design awards, Best, fast approaching the top shops are beginning to gather up their finest pieces of work from the last 12 months and ears are beginning to prick up around the blog-o-sphere as we wonder what and who will hit the mark this year. The Church have had a great year, not least with their work for NZSO, hope you’ve got your entry ready guys as this […]

Bradley Rogerson {Auckland}

LWC / Outstanding individuals

Bradley Rogerson is a jack of all trades, master of all. The design wizz has turned his hand to many a creative discipline over the years from directing music videos to wine packaging and website design with equally scrumptious results across the board. He currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand and focuses on freelance and contract opportunities.

THIS IS Studio {London}

Awesome agencies

So you know that bit in Jerry Mcguire when Renee Zelwegger says to Tom Cruise ‘you had me at hello’ … well the moment I saw that someone at THIS IS Studio drink Malvern Water (bottled from my hometown) I was sold! It’s kinda the same. As for the work… well where do you start? THIS IS Studio appear to be able to turn their hand to just about anything, from crafting a mark to knitting […]

Sam Pemberton {Sydney}

LWC / Outstanding individuals

Sam Pemberton has a truly impressive portfolio of projects under his belt, that’s for sure. From branding an entire city to the redesign of the iconic woolmark, not to mention involvement in the AGDA including recently designing their collateral for them. Wow, move over Superman… there is a new hero in town. Currently working out of Sydney, Sam’s portfolio has recently made its awaited debut onto the world wide web; here is a tantalising tit […]

Ed Elliott {Worcestershire}

Outstanding individuals

Having known Ed from a young age, mainly following around his older brother in the world of music, it gives me real pleasure to list him under our Outstanding Individuals categories. Ed Elliott is an artist specialising in sculpture, however that really doesn’t describe what he creates. With interests in psychology, mythology/folklore and the human consciousness, Ed has a real sense of purpose when it comes to communication his idea which, often in a figurative […]

Paper Cuts


Some people catch up with the news or leaf through a magazine whilst doing their, um, business. But not Anastasia Elias. These amazing toilet paper roll art are simply painstakingly awesome…