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Packaging in Paris {Pentawards}

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Our Awards Special kicks off with a Parisan bang this week, step forward packaging design royalty, it’s time for the big reveal over at the Pentawards. With a huge international draw the Pentawards showcase the best packaging design from around the world spanning a multitude of categories covering everything from wine in a box (yes they have a dedicated category to our cardboard friends) to savoury snacks and luxury cosmetics. The great thing about the Pentawards […]

It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part…


Who are we kidding, we all love winning! Didn’t we all have at least one dream at uni of wrapping our hands around a Yellow Pencil and making an emotional speech thanking our mother and our pet guinea pig for their support?! Yeh maybe that’s just me but one thing is for sure… it’s awards season! The Pentwards will kick off our run of trophy handing with the ceremony taking place in Paris as we […]

Fluonoir {Paris}

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I’d never been to Paris until earlier this year. It’s beautiful. A merry meander down the Champs-Élysées hand in hand with my betroved, what could be more pleasant? Snap-happy tourists filled Louis Vuitton whilst I eat my body weight in crepés and inadvertently skipped the mammouth queues by finding a side entrance to the Louvre, before later ogling the stunningly bizarre Centre Pompidou. Good trip. Ah Paris… but I digress. However, speaking of Parisian allures, et […]

Studio Plastac {Paris}

Awesome agencies

Where graphic design meets art. Somewhere in the middle you’ll find Paris’s Studio Plastac. Their work is a crescendo of bold colours, geometric profiles and hand drawn forms. Lovely stuff.