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BCN:MCR premieres at 2022NQ on Thursday 21 February 2013 and is presented by Manchester-based designer, Dave Sedgwick. The exhibition unites, for the first time, five of the most innovative and cutting-edge, Barcelona based design agencies of the moment; Hey, Lamosca, Lo Siento, Mayúscula and Mucho; and will provide a rare opportunity for designers, creatives and culture enthusiasts everywhere, to experience the work of award-winning, pioneering and original design from Barcelona. Sedgwick’s passion for design and […]

Shape {Manchester}

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Based in Salford, Manchester, Shape‘s work spans across both digital and offline mediums. Their interesting portfolio includes web design and build, motion, video, photography, identity, catalogues, books, magazines, branding, posters as well as their own gorgeous stationery (pictured). With just 5 years of experience in the industry, these young and trendy lumberjack shirt wearing cats regale us with the visually refreshing and unexpected. Their web portfolio is fantastic, they are certainly one to watch. Tw. […]

K2L {Manchester}

Awesome agencies

As a rule, we don’t tend to feature “full service” agencies, primarily because we’ve always found that good design is often secondary or even tertiary to other parts of their business and as a result devalues our fair craft. There are few companies that provide exception to this rule, however, and Manchester’s RAR recommended K2L might just be one of them. They certainly talk a good game, and on inspection hold true to that. There […]

Jonny Wan {Manchester}


Love the illustrative stylings of Manchester’s Jonny Wan. Pleasingly symetrical and constructed of many interesting little shapes and forms that in turn have their own internal converations. His work has a 21st Century tribal feel to it. There’s loads on more his website if you have a moment. Wan is represented internationally by AgencyRush. Tw. @jonny_wan  

Mark Studio {Manchester}

Awesome agencies

Manchester’s Mark Studio produce work that is beautiful in it’s simplicity and wit. Understated type marries superbly with often satirical imagery to produce work that is both intelligent and thoughtful. Tw. @markstudio