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Coop {Melbourne}

Awesome agencies / LWC

Coop is the studio of designer Paul Marcus Fuog based over in Melbourne. They state positivity and optimism as two of their studio’s key values… this I like, therefore their wares have qualified for Cloud 9 this week. Coop are influenced by a curiosity for contemporary culture. This refreshing approach has resulted in a number of visually and conceptually interesting pieces; ensuring their work remains current and intriguing without subscribing to visual trends. @co_oponline

Hook {Wanaka}

Awesome agencies / LWC

Those Kiwis with a designers eye will have spotted these beauties in the supermarket; turns out the calligraphic gems were the work of Hook based down in Wanaka with help from Peter Gilderdale. The King Series wines were designed to celebrate an ancestral link to pirates operating out of Lundy Island in the 12th and 13th centuries. This is coupled with a pretty swift nod to the family’s rocky relationship with English royalty. It’s always […]