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Profiles — Mike Rigby {Interbrand Australia}


It’s been a while since our last profile so we’re thrilled to be back with a chat with a much sought after modern day hero of design. He’s a young chap yet his career has already packed a basket load of finery in the last few years; most recently his journey has led him across the world to take up his first Creative Director role at Interbrand Australia. With Australia’s flourishing design industry we were […]

So that was 2012, and it smelt pretty good…


Merry Christmas folks, it’s been quite a year. Definite highlights here have been all the people we’ve spoken to and gotten to know along the road; from our very first interview way back in February with the Allotment’s Michael Smith, to our most recent one a few weeks back with Nick Finney and everyone in between; Martin Maher, Scott Thomas, Matthew Haynes, Gemma O’Brien, Thomas Hunt, and the great John Lloyd; and of course the […]

Right on POINT, May 2013

Events / News

The launch of London’s new international design event has been announced, POINT Conference, all set for May 2013 and celebrating excellence in design and its influence on contemporary culture and society. With the theme set to be Authenticity, over two days, with 40 lectures, screenings and performances exploring the power and value of great design, investigating topics as design for society, investing in design and brave design that has the power to change the rules. Over two days POINT will […]

Profiles – John Lloyd


There are few bona fide heroes in this world. Ones that genuinely inspire and continue to do so and who’s experience and accomplishments give them an unquestionable sovereignty of voice within their realm. And it’s not just that – they belong to a unique club characterised as the original trail blazers, the ones who set the precedent and the ones who shaped the industry – and the landscape – by playing their part in defining it. One such person […]

Heroes – George Lois


Maybe it’s because I’ve just returned from judging at an Advertising Awards or because I’ve just finished reading his brilliant book ‘Damn Good Advice’ but George Lois really is a bit of a legend, writes Martin Maher. Whilst not strictly just a designer (although he started out as one and he designed plenty of logos) George Lois could be seen as one of the most prolific and creative advertising communicators of the last half century, […]

Heroes – Sara De Bondt


Following our previous Heroes feature on Henrik Kubel, this week we’re showcasing another young designer with a similar love of original, contemporary typographic-based design; Belgian graphic designer, publisher, conference organiser and teacher Sara De Bondt. I have to admit I only actually discovered Sara’s work last year and was playing catch-up for a while. Since then though I’ve become a big fan of her approach and the colourful, direct style of her work, writes Martin […]

Heroes – Henrik Kubel


When we started this series the idea was to profile unsung designers who had been big influences on our design careers. The urge to write features on the likes of Saul Bass, Paul Rand or Otl Aicher has been strong but for the most part we’ve stuck to our guns and featured some very interesting, older spokesmen as well as a few younger designers that have amazed us with the work they’ve created in relatively […]

Heroes – Mary Lewis


When it comes to modern brand packaging there is one person that has been there since the start. She is undoubtedly the queen of packaging design and the awards and accolades that her company have received speak volumes about the quality and originality of their work. From champagnes to coffee, marmalades to mustards, perfumes to preserves, she’s done it all and all the while exuding a class and refined Englishness that puts the royal family […]