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Two new fonts by Dalton Maag


Dalton Maag has launched two new library fonts today: Soleto and Prometo. Created to work and play together, each one has its own story to tell but as a duet they are something more. Soleto is a text friendly font. Prometo is optimised for display and it has a perfect text partner in Soleto. The design process began in early 2012, with the first sketches for Prometo done by the DM Brazil office. The font that was […]

Profiles — Kris Sowersby


Kris Sowersby founded Klim in 2005 with a humble desire to make some typefaces for the kiwis; eight years on Klim has an international following and Kris has three certificates of excellence from the Type Directors Club of New York. Kris currently lives and works out of his hometown of Wellington, New Zealand. Designers Journal were excited to catch up with him when he was last in town… Kris, you trained at Wanganui Design School, what happened next? After […]

Lunchtime McLovin’


Pixel Picnics has landed to liven up your end of week lunchtimes and squeeze your creative juices. So what is it? A handsome question to which the answer is thus; a social gaming platform built especially for creatives. Y’see? Just out of beta, you can expect daily challenges and mini games plus a lively weekly LIVE game (with a real life presenter) specifically targeted toward creative folk like me and thee. Played through your Twitter […]

Young Jerks {Brooklyn, NY}

Outstanding individuals

Sweet type from Brooklyn designer Dan Cassaro, known to some (but probably not his Mum) as Young Jerks. Nicely put; he puts words on paper so that they might be accountable for themselves. His handy work is available in poster, logo, book and even font form and his blog isn’t too shabby neither, and while you’re there, he’s involved in the rather eye catching 50and50 Project. Cassaro spoke at this year’s Weapons of Mass Creation […]

Wood Type Revival


Get your font junkie self over to newly-launched Wood Type Revival (site designed by the awesome Bearded), purveyors of rare historic wood type, lovingly digitising them for the modern designer. There are some real corkers in there and we’ll be checking back to their blog in earnest anticipation of seeing great examples in action, particularly now it’s been announced the foundry is available on Typekit. (Roycroft is a personal favourite, incase you’re asking). Tw. @woodtyperevival […]