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Purpose and Pride

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Brighton-based printers, Generation Press has always been a printer who stood tall within the industry. Setting a standard for design appreciation, they are leading the way with an innovative approach to sustainable printing. For instance, on a sunny day their in-house Litho presses can solely run on solar power. Collaboration with design studio, Build, Generation Press have created a rich publication celebrating their eight in-house print processes.

Build brings strength and power to Nike


It seems so simple and obvious, but these are the hardest things to get right let alone successfully combine to form the bases of a branding system. Yet this is exactly what the team at Build have done with their latest work for Nike. Build were commissioned to work with the Nike brand team on the new look and feel for Track and Field, 2016. Seemingly inspired by the lane markings of the running track, Build have established […]

L is for all kinds of Lovely


London studio Build has recently launched its take on an Animal A-Z, and it’s all kinds of delightful. The colourful and charming set of prints feature a host of mammals, birds, reptiles (and a solitary crustacean), each having their way with their corresponding letter of the alphabet. Fancy the Flamingo for yourself, or if you have interest in the Iguana for a friend, the prints may even make an excellent yuletide gift. Michael C. Place from […]

Build {London}

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London based Build‘s work is beatiful in its construction. Both geometric and abstract forms flow through their work to produce beautifully crafted outcomes and an enviable body of work that has a distinct structure. Tw. @wearebuild