Zebra in Moda


Fashion merchandising company Palette 1.5 wanted to launch an online retail concept store that could compete with e-commerce giants the likes of Net-a-Porter and Asos. They wanted to create a brand with a distinctive space and attitude that would appeal to fashion-forward young women and men. With this in mind they approached the Singapore-based consultancy TFO to help with their marketing. TFO then asked Zebra to help develop the blueprint for the new brand.

“We wanted to avoid the more conventional approach the competitors seemed to use” explained Zebra co-founder Martin Maher. “Whatever we came up with needed to have an individual and distinctive feel. We presented a list of possible names and the client really liked the unusual and unique ‘Modajar’. We then created the visual identity and developed the brand’s persona and values. The uniqueness came with the idea of integrating the bird into the logo – this symbolises freedom and represents the idea of creative expression – which really embodies what Modajar stands for.”

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