Beans 2.0 grown at The Allotment


The Allotment have teamed up with writer Scott Perry (Bard of Bray) and illustrator Geoffrey Appleton to produce a contemporary spin on the old favourite fable Jack and the Beanstalk entitled Jack and the Giant Recession.

This beautiful self promotional piece is stunningly produced – smart and thoughtful; witilly ruminating on the economic outlook whilst peddling their own considered brand of wares.

The story starts with Jack, now grown up but without the benefit of his golden goose, wanting to start his own business but not quite knowing how to find his market. While searching he meets the Old Man again (who uncannily looks like Lord Sugar), he persuades him to part with his business for a handful of beans. These beans, as you can guess, are special and lead Jack to enlightenment and to his market. On the way he meets the giant who has become more bitter and now eats businesses instead of little boys. He has already eaten Woolworths, Northern Rock and has a taste for Greece. He is not just a giant; he is a Giant Recession.

Jack is the giant’s saviour and in return the giant shows Jack the market for his business idea – a firm that helps businesses tell their stories more effectively.

Say The Allotment; “There is a common thread throughout our work at The Allotment. We believe passionately that storytelling is the key to effective brand communication and future growth for our clients. This is why we have produced the sequel to Jack and the Beanstalk. Stories, based around a strong creative idea magnify opportunities for businesses and, more importantly, if they touch people at the emotional level they will be memorable and have lasting value. Our skill and craft is to bring clarity to the strategic direction of businesses, to ask searching questions, to take a story that on the surface seems ordinary and make it extraordinary by looking at it from a different angle.”

Original and intriguing, read more about it here.

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jack and the giant recession

jack and the giant recessionjack and the giant recessionjack and the giant recessionjack and the giant recessionjack and the giant recessionjack-and-the-giant-recession