SomeOne’s Halcyon days


It’s not been a bad old week for SomeOne… first, we had a sneaky peaky at a new brand for Tizen, not long after they regaled us with a tale of Beagle Street, that was all before they whipped out this puppy… The Halcyon (and just while you were catching your breath from that they gave us one last tickle with a few more Harris & Hoole bits and pieces. Nicely done).

But back to Halcyon. Just a quick look up of the word and you’ll learn ‘halcyon’ denotes a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful. After that week, I would hazard a guess that probably not far described the mood in the local SomeOne boozer, circa 6.00pm on Friday night (perhaps not too peaceful). Probably, but I digress. Halcyon – in Islington of London fame – a soon to be open ‘exciting development highlighting the best of British art, retail, design, music, exhibitions, gallery, food – all with entrepreneurial spirit.’

“The Halcyon houses impressive gallery, music and retail spaces, and works seamlessly with The Thunderbolt restaurant and The Sundowner bar – to create a wonderfully rich, varied yet coherent set of experiences. The colours used within the brand and environment were derived from, and act as a subtle nod towards the diverse colour palette used during Britain’s great creative periods of the past – our Halcyon days, mixed with those we see around us today.”

SomeOne Co-founder and Executive Creative Director Gary Holt said “Working on The Halcyon with their team has been amazing. And we’re sure that we’re helping to build what will become an iconic London destination, offering all manner of splendid things from 2013 onwards – and believe the work is testament to this”.

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