SomeOne Weve a good yarn


So, here we go again, namely another big launch sewn up from the trigger happy gun slingers at SomeOne. This time they’ve turned their hand to a spot of telecoms branding, what with it being all the rage this week. Enter Weve (exit the apostrophe autocorrect insists on slapping in).

Weve is the big joint venture, bringing together the UK’s three big hitting mobile network operators, namely EE, Telefonica UK and Vodafone UK. It bills itself as the new focal point for a whole new set of experiences and ideas across the mobile spectrum, everywhere from mobile marketing and advertising to payments and transactions, loyalty programs and coupons; a single point of contact, a single point of focus. The coming together of all things mobile and mobile commerce which is what the name and brand set about reflecting. Mobile harmony, if you like.

“The duality of the name means that Weve can talk about the partners and the benefit they offer together. Weve come together to make mobile communications easier… as well as the inference of ‘weaving together’ what were complex mobile offers. The identity is simply formed by things coming together. Designed to change, frequently, regularly and relevantly.”

Weve will be made of mobile phones, people, marbles, digital data, light bulbs, footprints, ball bearings, cogs, clients logos, branded products, faces… The brand launches launches next week.

You know the drill, full story here.