Neville Brody creates /50 identity for D&AD’s fiftieth anniversary


Neville Brody has created a new /50 logo for D&AD as the organisation celebrates its fiftieth year recognising and supporting UK and international creative talent.

The identity – named Forward 50 – has been designed in such a way that it functions as a modular addition to the existing D&AD identity, appearing as D&AD/50 across all the materials produced during the half-centenary year. The understated Mark is set in Futura, which Brody chose as a timeless and yet similtaneously contemporary face. The brief for the identity was to create a mark that could be used as D&AD celebrates 50 years of looking forward, the sentiment that will underpin their anniversary year.

Brody comments: “It’s a real honour to create an identity to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of D&AD – an organisation that I’m proud to be involved with.

“When it came to the creation of the identity, we wanted to create something that could be used alongside all the other materials and compliment everything that D&AD does this year. Hence, this modular system allows a clear way of writing the story as D&AD/50 without the addition of another logo.

“We liked the way that it comes off the page and can be used in any piece of text, as well as in web addresses – conveying the message that everything this year has special significance, without labouring the point.”

The first outing for the new identity will be as part of a campaign to mark the fiftieth D&AD Awards call for entries. D&AD has collaborated with Work Club on an integrated print, direct and digital campaign that promises to “take a journey through time, design, space and advertising”. The campaign will play out on Twitter and the advertising and design community can find out more – and contribute to the activity – by searching and using the #fwd50 tag.

Tim Lindsay, CEO of D&AD comments: “We have awarded work that breaks the mould, has far-reaching influence on the future of design and advertising and can point to a legacy of setting standards for the future. Hence, in our 50th year – and with this Mark – we want to clearly state our commitment to nurture, support and champion brilliant design and advertising by future generations of creative people – this is about the fifty years that are to come, as well as the fifty that we are marking.”

For information and details on how to enter this year’s D&AD Awards, click here.

Neville Brody DandAD/50
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