THIS IS Studio {London}

Awesome agencies

So you know that bit in Jerry Mcguire when Renee Zelwegger says to Tom Cruise ‘you had me at hello’ … well the moment I saw that someone at THIS IS Studio drink Malvern Water (bottled from my hometown) I was sold! It’s kinda the same.

As for the work… well where do you start? THIS IS Studio appear to be able to turn their hand to just about anything, from crafting a mark to knitting a pair of trainers. They have an immense balance, seemly able to call on a childlike playful side when working on numerous music videos but also can show the restraint and consideration needed for those delicate projects where design should we understated.

What I like the most though it that they are giving back, helping develop the next generation ensuring that ideas engage with audiences and that Malvern Water is drunk at all times.

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