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Profiles – Martin Maher {Zebra}


Following on from our chat with Creative Partner of The Allotment, Michael Smith, we’re thrilled to profile Martin Maher, the co-founder and Creative Director of Zebra, a brand communications agency with offices in Singapore and Perth, Australia. Martin studied design at Salisbury College of Art before moving to London where he worked at several agencies in the capital before making the move to Asia in 2000. He was Creative Director at The Brand Union in Singapore where […]

Zebra changes the stripes


Barringtons is a Perth-based firm of chartered accountants, operating for over 20 years and renowned for their entrepreneurial and progressive approach to dealing with their clients’ business. Unfortunately their original corporate identity didn’t fully match their thinking so, Designers Journal favourites, Zebra were engaged to provide an update. Says CD Martin Maher; “We started by developing a new symbol, a hexagon that forms the shape of an open box. This symbol is made up of inter-connecting […]

Zebra in Moda


Fashion merchandising company Palette 1.5 wanted to launch an online retail concept store that could compete with e-commerce giants the likes of Net-a-Porter and Asos. They wanted to create a brand with a distinctive space and attitude that would appeal to fashion-forward young women and men. With this in mind they approached the Singapore-based consultancy TFO to help with their marketing. TFO then asked Zebra to help develop the blueprint for the new brand. “We […]

Zebra romance the stone


More handsome new work from Perth’s Zebra ~ this time much more clinical and understated than the last treat we featured (Moodmakr) ~ Gem Bar is a contemporary, boutique bar in Singapore that needed a refresh of their visual identity to reflect a recent renovation. The new interior design theme had an industrial, warehouse feel to it and the graphic elements took cues from there. Zebra developed the logo as well as the associated branded items, […]

Zebra in the mood


Terrifically charming and vibrant new work by Perth studio Zebra ~ Moodmakr app, the brainchild of Arcade who are a Singapore-based creative agency. Arcade are known for creating intellectual properties and ideas and turning them into commercial ventures. Zebra have worked alongside Arcade on many projects over the past few years and with Moodmakr they were asked to bring one such idea to life. Moodmakr is an app that aims to satisfy the mood of a consumer […]

So that was 2012, and it smelt pretty good…


Merry Christmas folks, it’s been quite a year. Definite highlights here have been all the people we’ve spoken to and gotten to know along the road; from our very first interview way back in February with the Allotment’s Michael Smith, to our most recent one a few weeks back with Nick Finney and everyone in between; Martin Maher, Scott Thomas, Matthew Haynes, Gemma O’Brien, Thomas Hunt, and the great John Lloyd; and of course the […]

Designival ~ two days in November


Originally conceived as Design Symposium North back in 2008 by Liverpool creative agencies Smiling Wolf, Black & Ginger and Uniform (in themselves awesome studios) 2012 sees it relaunched under the new name, Designival – dubbed the largest design festival in the north of England – to reflect its larger, broader events. Taking place on November 22nd across Liverpool and on the 23rd at Camp and Furnace, Designival will feature keynote sessions as well as a design-themed breakfast with guest speaker, masterclasses from Apposing, Milky […]

Heroes – George Lois


Maybe it’s because I’ve just returned from judging at an Advertising Awards or because I’ve just finished reading his brilliant book ‘Damn Good Advice’ but George Lois really is a bit of a legend, writes Martin Maher. Whilst not strictly just a designer (although he started out as one and he designed plenty of logos) George Lois could be seen as one of the most prolific and creative advertising communicators of the last half century, […]