Month: March 2012

Stockholm Design Lab {Stockholm}

Awesome agencies

A treasure trove of treats… that’s Stockholm Design Lab… über scandinavian cool with a collection of effortless Marks and identity systems that just leave you wanting more, more, more. Their award, exhibition and publication credit roll call has been getting longer consistently since 1996. SDL say; “We experiment, build, think and rebuild. We are organized to never compromise with the end result of our work. Quality in every component is what creates the experience of the brands […]

Luke Woodhouse {UK-Sydney bound}

Outstanding individuals

You know someones portfolio is worth looking at when they cite applied branding to jumbo jets and spaceships as part of their skill set. Currently making his way out of the depths of the English Winter, Luke Woodhouse has (in his own words) ‘decided to try something new, in a new city, new country, and new Hemisphere.’ Something that I love to go on about is simplicity. Simplicity in an idea. Simplicity in execution. Luke […]

Inhouse {Auckland}

Awesome agencies / LWC

Inhouse are an elusive bunch, they give little away through their online world, little that is except that they appear to house a giant rabbit in their studio. This alone confirms them as a prime candidate for Cloud 9. They do of course also produce ridiculously stylish and well considered design, so extra points for that chaps. They are in fact responsible for one of my top visual publications here in New Zealand, Pilot. In […]

Plenty {Buenos Aires}

Awesome agencies

Story telling is of key importance when creating motion graphics and it would seem that Plenty have it in bucket loads. Based in Argentina, Plenty have a great understanding of making that detail in their work stand out without dominating the story. I particularly love the behind the scene photographs they include on their site as you can really see the levels of texture that go into all aspects of Plenty’s work. Describing themselves as […]

Tractorbeam {Dallas, Tx}

Awesome agencies

When your office doubles neatly as a gallery for local artists, it’s probably no surprise that Dallas’ TractorBeam (great name) have an eclectic but satisfying display of delights of their own… Founded back in 1997, they say “…collaboration is king. We are a collection of ordinary people who believe in doing extraordinary work. It’s really that simple. Talented? Yes. Driven? Quite. But the bottom line is that we’ve learned how to conspire effectively, disagree productively, and […]

Campbell Hay {London}

Awesome agencies

Campbell Hay create branding, design and art direction; otherwise known as immersive websites, exciting identities, stunning print and elegant packaging. So yes, one of the big boys about London town, however below their ice cool exterior there is a real sense of intrigue. Maybe it’s their use of pink background on their website or maybe it’s the minimalist way they display their work without even a hint as to who where are. Is it just […]

Boheem {Sydney}

Awesome agencies / LWC

Here on Cloud 9 we have a fondness for all thing great and good, turns out Boheem are pretty good guys (and gals). Established in 2004, Boheem practice their niceness from Sydney, Australia. Now I’m not sure about you but if I was exposed to Sydney’s annual sunshine quota I may be a little nicer too! Anyhoo I digress. At Boheem, the team specialise in designing for not-for-profit, aid and government organisations. Their focus is […]

View Creative Agency {Rhos on Sea}

Awesome agencies

It’s only mother flippin’ St Davids Day people, or heck, let’s keep it real, Dydd Gŵyl Dewi (you knows it), so it’s only fitting that we head over the Severn Bridge (after parting with £5.70 toll fee) to Wales for today’s treats. Cast your mind back to last October when we touched on the Cardiff Design Festival that showcases and recognises the best of Welsh design, well chief protagonists in the annual awards hail from […]