Month: September 2011

Andy Robert Davies {Reading}


Andy (also known as “ardillustration”) is an Illustrator whose work focuses on the environment, the seasons, colour and pattern. He also produces lots of imagery based on poems and quotes, using humour and hidden detail to entertain the viewer. I really like this aspect of his portfolio, the rest of which can be seen at his website and his blog. Tw. @ardillustration

Studio8 {London}

Awesome agencies

If being dam good at this design lark was like playing monopoly, these chaps would be veritable tycoons. Dare I say it, they’d probably even have a hotel on Mayfair. (Having never won a game of Monopoly in my entire adult life, I’m disproportionally impressed by this metaphor). Anyway, London town’s own Studio8 are indeed tycoons of the visual art… their haul of awards (which is made all the more impressive when you consider they […]

Spencer Harrison {Melbourne}


Illustrator slash typographer pimp Spencer Harrison has an embarrassment of award riches. His work has been both published and exhibited and he’s spent time around the illuminati by way of a placement at design demi-gods Pentagram. But enough preamble; behold, bask in the glory of oddly dark his world… Tw. @spenceroni  

Colin Bennett {Glasgow}

Outstanding individuals

2005 graduate and Roses nominated / D&AD commended Glaswegian Colin Bennett, is a senior designer at Glasgow’s Stand. The work accumilated in his folio is accomplished beyond his years; clinical, clean and built on solid and thoroughly thought through conceptual foundations. Typifies some rather splendid stuff currently coming out of Scotland. Tw. @colinbennett  

A-Side {Falmouth}

Awesome agencies

My friend once moved to Cornwall. Newquay to be more specific. He packed is land-locked bags and trumbled down the seemingly endless A30 in his pink Micra (he says it was purple, but we all knew), surf board strapped to the roof. Quite a sight. He went to live a life of surf, sandy accoustic sets and surfer dudettes. But what do people do in Cornwall in between the aforementioned? I sometimes wondered. Well, if […]

Fuzzco {Charleston, SC}

Awesome agencies

Our enthusiasm for the work of South Carolina’s Fuzzco knows no bounds. Fun loving guys with an awesome studio space… not bad bit of work too! Their unique style is quite literally an eye feast. A distinct illustrative style that gives their work that Fuzzco feel whilst still maintaining a perfect balance within each project finding it’s own resolution. New age Americana and a lot of fun. Tw. @fuzzco  

Edmond Yang {Oslo}


Welcome to the world of Yangmedia, or Oslo’s Edmond Yang. Delightfully executed photo/illustration surrealism in a beautifully balanced portfolio of treats. Tw. @edmondyang  

AntiSpec & sons of pitches


#AntiSpec is a campaign launched earlier this summer that seeks to out those who put out calls for free logos. They had a high profile casualty in the maiden campaign when Aol owned Huffington Post sought to ‘invite’ submissions for a new divisional identity “in exchange for exposure”. Hmm. We wholeheartedly support the Antispec cause, but this led us ponder a wider picture, namely to pitch or not to pitch… In times of economic downturn […]