Month: September 2011

Best of Welsh Design Shortlisted


Launched at the Welsh Assembly building in Cardiff Bay by Design Week Editor Lynda Relph-Knight, the shortlist for 2011’s Cardiff Design Festival Best of Welsh Design Awards has been announced and there are some outstanding contenders in all categories. In fact, testament to the health of the creative industries in Wales, there are some outstanding contenders in the initial entry list that somehow didn’t manage to make the judges’ cut. Judges for the awards this […]

Åh {London}

Awesome agencies / Illustrators

London based but most certainly Scandinavian through and through, the pair of Johanna Lundberg and Elin Svensson have established an agency where thoughtful ideas meet functional, purely simple design executions. Åh aim to both reach out to your head and your heart and from their own beautiful website to the work featured on it, we think they’ve achieved that. They’re also some pretty handy illustrators too! Tw. @StudioAh

Naughtyfish {Sydney}

Awesome agencies
naughty fish

Their website is a menagerie of eye treats. Naughtyfish‘s philosophy is to create work that moves people. An award winning independent graphic design studio based in Sydney, their work focuses on identity creation and evolution. Naughtyfish are able to inject a real playful nature into their work, producing innovative, beautiful and effective work. A delight. Tw. @0tfish    

Luke Ritchie {Cape Town}

Outstanding individuals

The thing about Luke Ritchie, you see, is he was once almost attacked by a hippo. Now that may or may not sound significant to you, however Luke probably* had an epiphany (*I say probably – it’s speculation, I don’t actually know). Unlike most who might take this occurance as a message from Hare Krishna to venture to Goa and ‘find themselves’ in yoga before going on to invent a new brand of natural yoghurt […]

Parent {Poole}

Awesome agencies

Purveyors of cool, chic and understated design, Parent Design‘s portfolio is a stunning blend of refined typography and stripped back photography, never afraid to use striking and bold colours where possible. What we like about Parent’s work is there is no design for designs sake to be found; nothing is over-designed, every decision considered. Lovely stuff. Tw. @Parent_Design  

Jordan Metcalf {Cape Town}

Outstanding individuals

Illustrator, typographer, designer, scarlet pimpernel, call him what you will but South African Jordan Metcalf‘s work is emminently cool. Previously featured in Codex: the Journal of Typography, TypeToken and Computer Arts, his is the sort of cool that creates a thoroughly enjoyable folio; not only his insanely amazing illustrated typography but also his character styling through to use of colour. Tw. @jordanmetcalf Do you have a great portfolio to share? Get in touch and share […]

Mason McFee {Austin, Tx}


Perhaps best described as a graphic artist, Mason McFee‘s work is all sorts of things to all sorts of people; I think you either love it straight away or become seduced by it’s charm over time and understanding. I personally love the bizarre but endearing darkness to his work; his style and the media he works with is mixed, but always equally absorbing. Best put in Mason’s own words; “While I struggle between being a […]

Insert Blurb here


We’ve just discovered this little peach which we thought we’d share. I don’t know how much you already know about Blurb but, in a nutshell, they make quality can easily create yourself and produce on very small runs for pretty reasonable prices. Use Instagram, Facebook, Photobucket, Flickr, Tumblr… pretty much any other photo-based website to grab the images to create a book, or us pro’s get jiggy straight from Lightbox or InDesign. Ornament your coffee […]