Month: April 2011

Little Chef, Big rebrand


VentureThree have done a stunning job at rebranding UK road-side eatery Little Chef. Firmly part of Britain’s roadsides since the late 50’s Little Chef recently had it’s tired old brand a modern facelift by employing services of tele ‘chef-scientist’ Heston Blumenthal to revamp their public gastro image, the new identity follows hot off the heels. The work is vivid, fun, engaging and combines bold slab type with pop colours that are not only modern but […]

Lume {Brighton}

Awesome agencies

Hailing from Brighton, UK, Lume Design Studio produce creative work with adistinct illustrative flashes that draw influence from nature and music style. Tw. @lumebrighton  

Mark Studio {Manchester}

Awesome agencies

Manchester’s Mark Studio produce work that is beautiful in it’s simplicity and wit. Understated type marries superbly with often satirical imagery to produce work that is both intelligent and thoughtful. Tw. @markstudio  

Effektive {Glasgow}

Awesome agencies

With a genuine passion for what they do, Effective deliver considered and engaging design for a wide variety of clients across both the private and public sectors. Effektive say they work differently “from traditional agencies, working with a selected group of like-minded collaborators and partners across all creative disciplines to ensure that the right balance of skills are tailored to specific client needs.” They believe by sourcing the right people to work and collaborate with, […]

These are things

these are things

Beautifully simple with a splash of vibrant colours… you’ll definitely want one of these maps. These Are Things is Jen Adrion and Omar Noory, two designers from Columbus, Ohio who have a great eye for the world. See more of their creations at These Are Things.

Lundgren+Lindqvist {Gothenburg}

Awesome agencies

Lundgren+Lindqvist is a strategic design & development bureau. Well… kind of.  With a list of clients that most agencies would wish to have, this Swedish company still remains a small focused team seeking to build a large network of talent around them. With a philosophy of embracing the constantly evolving possibilities of digital design this agency is full of simple but highly effective work.  



From the studio of Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, just a lovely piece of French designed desk furniture.

Creative wedding invitations


Wedding season is upon is and I don’t know about you but I my shelf is full of various invitations for friends’ and family members’ big days. This got me thinking; aside from a symbol of upcoming nuptuals, a wedding invitation is a branding exercise of sorts for the happy couple. So much time is spent carefully selecting the wedding stationery and it’s such a great and unique way to stamp your personality on a […]